OneClick Chat to Order

Connect your WooCommerce-powered online store with WhatsApp and make it super quick and easy for your customers to complete their order via WhatsApp.

OneClick Chat to Order

WhatsApp Integration for WooCommerce

OneClick Chat to Order will make it easier for your customers to order your products directly through WhatsApp with a single click on a single product page, a floating button or anywhere. Make it super quick to complete the purchase, increase your sales!

Extraordinary Features

#1 WhatsApp Plugin for WooCommerce

Join over 30,000+ entrepreneurs who use OneClick Chat to Order to super quickly grow their businesses.

Global Features

See what you can achieve with OneClick Chat to Order.

Receive Orders Through WhatsApp

Put WhatsApp button on your entire online store and make it quick for your customers to purchase via WhatsApp.

Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

Set a different WhatsApp number for every page; single product, shop, cart and anywhere using shortcode.

Support Product Details

From product name, price, to product URL page, anything can be passed and sent through WhatsApp.

Well-Formatted Final Messages

Every message sent to WhatsApp will be formatted and readable to you, containing every product details.

Pre-Filled Messages

Set pre-filled messages for all buttons, completely easy to use. Let customers just click the Send button.

100% Free for Everyone

No hidden fee, no hidden cost. All the features can be used completely free 100%.

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Limitless Display

Show WhatsApp Button Anywhere

Show and customize every WhatsApp button on every page, or show it through shortcode or floating button.

Single Product Page

WhatsApp Button on Single Product

Show button on single product page, side by side with Add to Cart button.

Message Containing Product Details

Send message with product greetings message, product title, price, and product URL.

Exclude Some Info

Options to hide and exclude some information such as product quantity, price, Add to Cart button and product link.


Product Loop

Show Button Under Product Image

Show WhatsApp button under product image on shop loop, works best on Shop page, related products or up-sells products grid.

HIde Default Add to Cart Button

Option to show only WhatsApp button under each product by hiding the default Add to Cart button.

Exclude Some Info

Options to exclude some information from the message such as price and product link.

Cart Page

Show WhatsApp Button on Cart Page

Encourage people to complete the purchase via WhatsApp​ by adding its button there.

HIde Default WooCommerce Button

Show only WhatsApp button and hide the default Proceed to Checkout button provided by WooCommerce.

Product Details

Include product details in the message such as product name, price, URL, and product variations.

Checkout Page

Personalize Order Received Page

Add personalized title and subtitle on Order Received page, then add a WhatsApp button to let customers send their order receipt details to you via WhatsApp.


Containing Order Details

The WhatsApp button, when clicked, will contain all order details from product(s), total price, customer information, shipping method, note, and order date & number.


Use as Order Confirmation Process

Use the WhatsApp button to let customers confirm their order via WhatsApp, directly to you.

Floating Button

Show Floating Button on Entire Site

Set the position, whether right or left, it will be shown anywhere on your site.

Show Tooltip on Hover

Write a custom button label on floating button and show it when users hover their mouse pointer on it.

Detailed Message

Set custom greetings message and get a URL in which the floating button clicked.

Shortcode Generator

Set Text on Button

Customize the text on the WhatsApp button, whatever you like.

Set Pre-Filled Message

Set a pre-filled message as a greeting to send to you.

Put Shorcode Anywhere

Show the WhatsApp button anywhere you like, whenever you need.

More Features

Seamless Integration for WooCommerce & WhatsApp

Find out more features and reasons why you will definitely love OneClick Chat to Order.

The Most Complete

OneClick Chat to Order is the most complete WhatsApp plugin for WooCommerce in the market.

Options to Hide or Show

Whether to show or hide the plugin anywhere on your site, you have the full control over it throught the plugin settings.

Completely Free

You don’t need to spend a dime to get started and use all the features in the free version, it’s more than enough!

GDPR Ready

Show a GDPR-ready WhatsApp button to tell your customers to agree with your Privacy Policy before clicking the button.


Really easy to extend the functionalities with a very clean code architecture and structure.


Any text can be customized, and you can even translate the plugin into your own languages.

Convinced Enough?

Start integrating your online store with WhatsApp and make it quick for customers to purchase your products and services, for free.

Tutorial Videos

Get Started

Watch these tutorial videos to help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question?

Find the answers to your questions by looking at the most frequently asked questions.

OneClick Chat to Order is a WooCommerce plugin to make it easy for your customers to purchase your product or services via WhatsApp.

It’s very easy to get started with OneClick Chat to Order.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your site has WooCommerce installed and activated.
  2. Install and activate this plugin via dashboard or file manager.
  3. Begin configurating this plugin through OneClick Chat to Order admin menu.
  4. Complete the configuration and you’re all set!

Absolutely! You can add and use as may numbers as you like and use it anywhere on your site.

Of course! You are just one click away to show the button only on desktop or mobile devices.

This plugin will regularly be updated to make sure its compatibility.

You’ll get answers to many of your questions on my contact form. Just ask!

Integrate with WhatsApp. Sell Faster.

Join over 10,000+ entrepreneurs who use OneClick Chat to Order to super quickly grow their businesses.

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OneClick Chat to Order
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