8 Powerful Instagram Tools to Boost Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

Powerful Instagram Tools

8 Powerful Instagram Tools to Boost Your Instagram Marketing Efforts – Online business conducting marketing campaigns in the social media and influencers who want to build and get customers are not enough to have a popular account. If you want to gain traction on the platform, Instagram tools are a must.

Building a successful presence in social media requires strong analysis, informing your campaigns, as well as powerful automation that keeps your content fresh even if your time is short for creation and publication.

Your online business is unique, and your audience is unique. So not all online businesses will benefit from each Instagram tool on this list. In fact, only one or two of these Instagram tools may be required by your online business.

Your online store and audience are unique. So not all online businesses will benefit from each Instagram tool on this list. In fact, only one or two of these Instagram tools are necessary for your online business to achieve your objectives.

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Three Important Things to Consider to Promoting on Instagram

Regardless of your industry, objectives or audience, you need to focus on three things regardless of what you do: consistency, commitment and results.

1. Consistency

Find out how frequently your audience likes posts – usually at least once a day, but sometimes more – and then keep the schedule as fast as you want. This sends a message that your brand is trustworthy and that it keeps your business as close as possible to people. This can be helped by automated publishing software.

2. Commitment

You want to hear your followers, and Instagram has some of the most committed internet users. You need to remain engaged if you want a successful account.

Follow people, such as their posts and statements, and always respond to your posts. Software can be found on this list to help you build meaningful links to your audience that increase your brand loyalty and awareness.

3. Results

Social media is always evolving and changing. Performance metrics are an important way to learn what your audience likes, how their feelings are changing, and what you should do next. Analytics tools provide information that can be used to improve your online business’s current and future social media success.

Without further ado, here are the top ten Instagram tools for marketers to use:

8 Powerful Instagram Tools to Boost Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

1. WP MyLinks

WP MyLinks is a 100% free WordPress plugin that will enable you create an unlimited number of micro landing pages, just like Linktree, but using your own site, domain name, and brand.

You can grow your online business brand on Instagram by placing a link in your account bio that hosts every important link that you’d like to promote.

You can design it however you like. Very simple to use and very straightforward. Gather all of your important links under a single link.

WP MyLinks - Create micro landing pages for links using WordPress | Product Hunt

2. SocialFox

When it comes to Instagram marketing, numbers are everything, and SocialFox is the leader in this field. It’s simple and ready to help your business grow with a proven data-driven strategy.

Use this analytics tool to learn more about your target audience, such as the best time of day to reach them, their favorite content, and even the most popular filters. Get ahead of the competition by tracking metrics that show what works and what doesn’t.

SocialFox can be said as one of the best Instagram marketing tools out there.

3. Later

With a publishing calendar that posts automatically at the time and day you specify, Later helps you stay on top of your content. You can use Later’s performance-based guidance to create all of your content for the week (or even the month), then let Later do the rest. This Instagram tool also works on Pinterest and is ideal for small businesses on a tight budget.

3. Rival IQ

With Rival IQ, you can keep a close eye on your competitors. This tool provides in-depth intelligence to help your online business get to the front of the pack and stay there. Set benchmarks based on your competitors’ metrics, then monitor how you compare in real time.

4. The Short Stack

The whole point of using an app like Instagram to reach your audience is to engage them. Engaging your followers with regular incentives is a quick way to increase brand presence and awareness. By automating content management, Short Stack gets people to pay attention and talk about your online business.

5. Phlanx

Phlanx is similar to Tinder for influencers. Businesses can subscribe to Phlanx to gain access to a marketplace of Instagram influencers, and influencers can gain access to businesses that are hiring.

You can look at each other’s statistics and profiles. Contract templates are available in Phlanx’s resources. And businesses now have all of the information they need to select the right influencers to help their campaigns stand out.

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the app to use if you want to monitor your online business’s reputation, find leads, and create buzz around your brand. BuzzSumo is a social listening tool that alerts you whenever your online business is mentioned or someone links to your website.

By connecting this tool to your Instagram, you will be able to join the conversation about your brand directly from BuzzSumo’s dashboard, making it simple to seize every opportunity to gain another follower.

7. Revive Social

Revive Social is one of the best Instagram tools for businesses with a large amount of content but limited resources. Revive Social will assist with content development if your online business is struggling to keep up with its Instagram growth.

Set it to scan your old posts for important, popular content and then repost it. This saves you time when it comes to content development, and it allows more people to see the posts that are most effective for your online business.


Because of its versatility, IFTTT is one of the most common Instagram tools. IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That,” and it connects your other apps and software to build mini applets that work on their own when activated.

This means you can use IFTTT to automatically post to Instagram whenever you add something to your store, make a Facebook post, or even place an order for pizza. This is one of those entertaining apps that you have to see to believe.

This year is already shaping up to be an eventful year, and with the ongoing pandemic and political fervor, it is more important than ever to cut through the noise on social media. Use these tools to make your content stand out from the sea of memes and viral videos.

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