OneClick WCFM Connector: An Add-On for OneClick Chat to Order

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Transform your vendor’s online stores into sales powerhouses by integrating OneClick Chat to Order with WCFM – Frontend Manager for WooCommerce.

This integration will allow your vendors to easily display and utilize WhatsApp to boosting their sales and ultimately increasing your own revenue!

The Most Requested Integration Finally Arrived!

Now, you can easily and seamlessly connect OneClick Chat to Order with WCFM Frontend Manager using OneClick WCFM Connector.

Instantly combine the power of WordPress and WooCommerce, OneClick Chat to Order, WCFM Frontend Manager, and WhatsApp using a single add-on.

Your vendors will love your store more!

What can you do with OneClick WCFM Connector?

You can extend the power of OneClick Chat to Order by providing vendors’ options to show WhatsApp buttons on their own products, with which their customers can process and communicate with them directly via WhatsApp.

That will make the sales process quicker.

Important Information You Should Know About

What is OneClick Chat to Order?

OneClick Chat to Order is a free WordPress and WooCommerce plugin that will allow you to show WhatsApp buttons on your entire site; on single product pages, shop page/loop, cart, and checkout page, which will contain a pre-filled message of product information and order details which customers can use to contact you directly via WhatsApp about a product or confirm their order.

What is WCFM Frontend Manager?

This plugin will allow you to convert your normal WooCommerce-powered store into a multi-vendor store, in which people can register and sell their own products.

You can create your own Amazon-like marketplace with it, quickly and easily.

What is OneClick WCFM Connector?

OneClick WCFM Connector is an add-on that will combine the power of both OneClick Chats to Order with WCFM Frontend Manager. You can provide options for vendors to process their customers’ orders via WhatsApp.

The quicker the sale process, the quicker they increase their sales, thus increase your revenue as the site owner.


You can find the comprehensive documentation on the following page:

OneClick WCFM Connector Documentation

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