Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneClick WCFM Connector?

OneClick WCFM Connector is an add-on that will combine the power of both OneClick Chats to Order with WCFM Frontend Manager. You can provide options for vendors to process their customers’ orders via WhatsApp.

The quicker the sale process, the quicker they increase their sales, thus increase your revenue as the site owner.

How to install and use OneClick WCFM Connector?

It’s very easy to get started with OneClick WCFM Connector

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your site has WooCommerce, OneClick Chat to Order, WCFM Marketplace, and WCFM Frontend Manager installed and activated.
  2. Purchase a valid license on OneClick WCFM Connector product page.
  3. Upload the .zip file. install and activate it.
  4. Enter your purchased license key and activate it.
  5. Begin configurating this plugin through WCFM Connector admin menu.
  6. Complete the configuration and you’re all set!

Can vendors show a WhatsApp button on their product page and checkout page of their purchased product(s)?

Of course! Actually, the options to let vendors show a WhatsApp button on their own products and checkout page of their own purchased product(s) are the main features of this plugin.

Is it compatible with the latest WordPress & WooCommerce version?

This plugin will regularly be updated to make sure its compatibility.

Where can I find the plugin documentation?

You can find the complete documentation on OneClick WCFM Connector Documentation page.

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